Checkliste for more storage space

Tips to optimise your storage space and make the most of unused storage potential.


1 Check your existing furniture

Keep an eye on your existing furniture. Is this furniture making good use of the available space or is it just pretty and not practical? We can lose a lot of valuable storage space by having furniture in the wrong sizes.  Let's make sure our furniture gives us the best possible storage space and uses the optimum height and width. Not only is the look and size important, but also the visual factor. A ceiling-high shelf is not optimal in every room situation and can create an imbalance. The experts will advise you in detail.


2. Furniture made to measure

A piece of furniture planned according to the customer's wishes is something special. It is produced exactly according to your taste and above all according to your required dimensions. You decide exactly how many drawers, compartments and other extras your piece of furniture should have. Custom-made furniture often has a higher emotional value for our customers than standard furniture.


3. Use comfort zones

When planning furniture, it is important to consider your own body size in order to plan the perfect comfort zone. There are great extras depending on the use for which you have a piece of furniture made to measure and the room in which it is to be used. For example, a wardrobe can be fitted with a clotheslift so that you can use the full height without having problems reaching your clothes.


4. High compartments

Especially for storage in higher compartments, use boxes to make sure that everything stays clean and together.


5. Clean storage

If you are not going to use items for a long time, for example seasonal clothing or kitchen utensils that you use infrequently. Always make sure they are clean to avoid nasty surprises the next time you use them.


6. Furniture with dual use

The greatest potential lies in furniture that offers you more than a single use. For example, our Sliding Tv Door, which is a sliding door with an integrated screen. This saves you an extra shelf on which the TV has to be placed. Another example is an integrated mirror or light in a door.


7. Use niches

Small niches that are actually unused can be storage wonders. As standard furniture often does not fit or would not fit but does not fully utilise the niche, there is no better solution than to resort to a custom-made piece of furniture. A niche can be given a whole new use. For example, you can use an alcove to create a workspace or simply to create extra storage space for household appliances.


If you also need more storage space, would like to create a new living area or you would like to change something and would like to rely on high-quality furniture that will make you happy in the long term, then contact us. Arrange a free consultation and design appointment today. We look forward to helping you.


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