Individual made to measure storage space

Do you know the feeling that you don't have enough space and then maybe you've already moved into a bigger apartment and the feeling is there again? You are not alone with this.

Our home reflects our personality. This fact has already been proven in many studies. In the course of our lives, however, we accumulate many things and tend to separate from fewer things. So, all these things need a new place in our home. First of all, we would like to share with you that our four walls and our lives can be much more pleasant if we get rid of useless ballast and simply let go of superfluous things. But this is often not easy and takes time and effort. Tidying up doesn't just mean rearranging things, but freeing yourself from old baggage.

We can divide our belongings into different categories:

  • Things that have emotional significance for us. Example: We have been given a painting by our children.
  • Things that we needed for a phase in our life. An example: books for our studies.
  • We are collectors of something, for example we collect a film series
  • Trend purchases, this often applies to clothes, we decide on a piece of clothing because it is totally fashionable at the moment but does not actually reflect our own style.
  • Things we own that are deep in boxes, i.e., things we don't need anymore.

Let's focus on two points:

  • How do I get rid of things I no longer need?
  • How do I create a lot of storage space?

Proceed step by step. First, focus on one room or, if necessary, one corner, shelf space, wardrobe or drawer. Do it at your own pace! There is no point in trying to do too much at once. It often ends up in chaos and you neither have more storage space nor a better feeling afterwards.

We start with the bedroom and our clothes and create some storage space

To tidy up your wardrobe, we would like to recommend the Marie Kondo Method. Tidying up your sliding wardrobe will make it much clearer and more structured. The individual items of clothing have their own place and no longer disappear into the depths of your fitted wardrobe. We explain step by step how to tidy up your wardrobe with the KonMari method.

How to apply the wardrobe organisation method correctly?

1. Stack your clothes in a pile.

Put all your clothes in a pile, often the bed or a carpet is suitable for this. When the wardrobe is cleared out, we can also take the opportunity to clean out the closet. Here you will find care tips for cleaning the surfaces.

2. Now it really starts.

We keep the clothes that bring us joy. To do this, we take each item of clothing in our hands and ask ourselves: Do I often wear this item of clothing? Does this piece of clothing make me happy? Do I need this piece of clothing?

If the answer is yes, it can stay. If the answer is no, it goes into a box and is sorted out. The cleaned out clothes can be sold or donated at a later date.

After deciding what to keep and what not to keep, it's time to put everything away.

3. Hang up properly

Hang the items you can't fold on a clothes rail. Sort by longer and heavier garments, for example jackets and coats, and light and short pieces like blouses and skirts. Marie Kondo calls this an ascending line of happiness, we call this: “perfectly sorted storage units”. Use uniform hangers in your wardrobe: this saves space and looks much tidier. To use the full height of the wardrobe, we recommend using a clothes lift. This allows you to reach clothes that are hanging high without using a chair or stool. We think this is one of the cleverest wardrobe interior features.

4. Fold and place instead of stacking

Fold the rest of your clothes into packages and put them upright in drawers. This prevents a hierarchy from developing in the wardrobe. Another advantage is that you can easily put everything in and take it out and no item disappears into the depths of your wardrobe. If your wardrobe doesn't have drawers like open shelves, sort your clothes into boxes instead. This is a very space saving technique for your wardrobe.

Check out our Reels on Instagram for instructions on how to fold clothes to save space, according to Marie Kondo.

5. Sort by colour

The clothes folded according to Marie Kondo and sorted by colour in boxes in a drawer.

6. Socks and underwear storage space

Keep your socks in pairs and separate them from your underwear in a separate drawer or compartment. Fitted furniture offers, for example, drawer dividers and sorting boxes etc.. So that it also remains clear here.

7. Time for the shoe storage space

Shoes should also be sorted according to the principle of luck: Heavy shoes go at the bottom of the wardrobe, light sandals or high heels at the top. We offer you various helpers for storing your shoes. You can choose between a Side pull-out shoe rack, a angled shelve with edging or drawers. Simply configure your optimal bespoke storage solutions.

8. Let's also take a look at the jewellery.

We arrange and sort these in boxes. We also offer different variations for this. Small items which make storage easier, but convince with their quality material and give the personal pieces of jewellery a suitable place.

Especially in the wardrobe, the right choice of wardrobe accessories and also the planning of the dimensions and the interior system can have an enormous influence on our order. It's always easier to choose the right layout in a large, luxurious dressing room, but Stylish German Bedrooms is also focused on storage solutions for small homes.

raumplus wardrobes are not only planned according to design. When selecting the accessories and planning the interior system, we place great value on the optimum handle height and the best possible use of the available space.

If you can't get by with your current wardrobe or you want to get a new wardrobe. This is the perfect time to upgrade to a high-quality fitted made to measure wardrobe from raumplus. Every wardrobe is planned exactly according to your measurements, needs and requirements. You can also call them space saving storage solutions because we will create more storage space by choosing the perfect interior system and doors for you. Whether it is a walk-in wardrobe or a built-in wardrobe, we will help you to buy a product that will make you happy in the long term and provide you with plenty of wardrobe storage space.

Extra tips to maximize the space in the Wardrobe

  • By adding more lights into your wardrobe, you can make your wardrobe look bigger. Options for this could be Spot Lights or a light on the doors and interior system.
  • A nice way to make the room feel bigger and also to do the outfit check is by hanging a mirror. We offer your options of hanging mirror or sliding doors with a mirror surface.
  • Often, we don’t make us of the corners but with corner shelves or hangings rods these can offer us a lot of space which we would not use otherwise.

You can also try it out for yourself with our Do It! Configurator and plan your wardrobes fitted storage solutions before your appointment with us. However, this is not a prerequisite but just an additional option to get inspired to get a overview for some space saving storage solutions.

A tidy home not only looks nicer, according to the Japanese Marie Kondo, order forms the basis for inner tidiness and a happier life. If we enter a house and move into the hallway a space for hanging the jackets and storing some shoes is very handy. In the best case, it is a solution that is not only practical but also looks good.

We can recommend two things: use niches for a built-in wardrobe. For example, the storage space under the stairs that would otherwise be unused or just a storage room that is often chaotic. The second variant is a custom-made shelf which is made to measure exactly according to your needs. This way, jackets, shoes, keys and bags have their own place, and don’t get lost.

Let’s move over to the Living Space our beloved kitchen and Livingroom. What are our space saving storage solutions?

For many of us, the living room has been converted into the workplace in recent months. This not only makes it harder for us to relax after work and makes our living room chaotic. It is also unhealthy, as we often sit at a non-ergonomic workstation. How about using the sloping roof for a desk and with sliding doors we can make it disappear when the work is done.

Especially in the last 2 years, many have had to switch to a home office and many don't have the space of an extra office at home. That's exactly when a desk that disappears behind doors comes in handy. That's what we call a space saving solution. Using a sloped roof which wouldn’t be very useful for us and create a new space for your desk.

Let's see where we can still optimise space. We can also create extra storage space for kitchen appliances in the kitchen by extending niches.

Let us summarise, it's worth it invest in Individual made to measure storage space solutions. The planning is more intensive than simply choosing an existing piece of furniture, but this way you can get involved and get a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your home. Both visually and in terms of dimensions, everything is brought out here that will make you happy in the long term.

Our storage solutions are hand made in Germany and guarantee you a high long-lasting quality. Book your free design appointment now and stop wasting space and time with searching for the right.

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