Stylish material finishes for wardrobes

Our custom-built wardrobes are available in a wide range of stylish material finishes, so you can choose an option that perfectly matches the interior design scheme of your home.


From plain white in a variety of gloss finishes, to bright block colours, wood grain and stone effects, we want you to feel in control of how your bespoke wardrobes look and feel.

That's why you're not limited to just one material per door. You can specify a different material for the top, middle and bottom panels on each door, with a choice of anodised and powder-coated frames too.

All of this means if you want the top and bottom halves to look different, they can. Or if you want them to match, but with a different colour or texture across the middle panel of the door, that's possible too.


What wardrobe material finishes are available?

Our list of stylish material finishes for wardrobes is long and you can find them on our Sliding Wardrobes page, where you can configure the materials you want to be used on your sliding wardrobe doors.

Some examples - although this is not the complete list - include:

  • Wood decor with wood grain effects
  • Block colours including green, yellow, orange and blue
  • White in premium, platinum, semi-matt platinum and high gloss
  • Fabric and textile prints including leather effects
  • Float glass, safety glass and special glass, and mirrored finishes


We have a particularly long list of wood effects, wood grain prints and veneers, so if you are trying to match a specific species of hardwood, it's likely we have something suitable.


Your choice of aluminium sliding door profiles

The width of your aluminium sliding door profile can have a big impact on the aesthetics of your new wardrobe, so again, we offer you as much choice as possible.

Six different raumplus aluminium sliding door profiles provide everything from an extremely minimalist aesthetic, through to slightly wider frames that add to the visual impact of the doors.


A thorough selection of frame colours

Finally, your choice of frame colours is vast. Our standard shades include anodised silver, light and dark bronze, as well as powder coatings from white to matt black.

But we can supply your frames in any RAL colour, putting hundreds more colours on the list - the only question left to answer is, which colour will you choose?

If you would like to know more about any of our wardrobe material finishes, door profiles and frame colours, please contact us by calling 01904 947717 or filling out the form on our Contact page, and our team will be happy to discuss your options.

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