Tips for creating the perfect home office

With so many of us working from home these days, creating the perfect home office is essential.


Regardless whether you use it full-time, for doing occasional admin work, or personal hobbies, a workspace not only needs to be practical and efficient, but also inspirational and comfortable. 

That’s why we’ve created a savvy and stylish list of home office ideas to help you maximise your space, no matter its size or shape, as well as aid productivity to keep you organised and engaged. 


Create a separate functional area

Even the most minimal spaces can be turned into a separate functional area, so consider the location and layout of where you want to work and how it will fit in with your requirements. From garage conversions and conservatories, to the dining room, or even a corner of the bedroom should do the trick. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have an entirely separate room in the house for an office, then why not create one? Room dividers work very well as flexible and variable home office screens, allowing you to open or close the living room or kitchen as required. 


Personalise your home office space 

Another tip for creating the perfect home office is injecting a bit of your own personality. This includes wall prints, photos and small decorative ornaments that coordinate with the rest of your space’s style and colours. 

Customised office supplies and stationary like notebooks, laptop cases, pens and filing folders can also help to elevate your workspace and make you feel a lot more relaxed as you complete daily tasks. 


Get creative with home office storage 

When creating the perfect home office, you want to make sure your work area is a clutter free and calm environment, where you’ll have easy access to important documents, notes, and equipment. 

Wall mounted storage baskets and free floating shelving for your tools, books and accessories are two ways to utilize the vertical area above, especially if you have a small office, without taking up any precious flooring, desktop or drawer space. 

For storing boxes, printers, any other miscellaneous or bulkier items, bespoke sliding wardrobe doors are perfect at keeping everything organised in one place - snugly packed away and ready for use. At Stylish German Bedrooms, we offer a range of sliding wardrobe variations, profile surfaces, as well as a wide selection of wardrobe panels to suit your taste. 


Add a natural element 

Finally, bring the outdoors in with plenty of natural light for a bright, refreshing ambience to boost your mood and productivity levels. It’s also energy efficient and reduces eye strain from mobile and desktop screens. 

A well-placed plant and other greenery dotted around your home office is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helps improve indoor air quality, health and focus too. 

If you’re in need of innovative home office storage solutions, talk to the experts at Stylish German Bedrooms 01904 947717 or request a design appointment  and we aim to meet all your needs in designing rooms the way you want.

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