Corner Wardrobes

Corner Wardrobes

Interior design is limited by walls, unlike the options offered by raumplus systems, which are almost infinite. Our smart corner wardrobes and corner storage units can continue seamlessly around the walls, making use of every last inch of space. Our goal is to allow you free rein to develop your ideas – so let’s work together to think outside the box when planning doors and interior systems!

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  • 1_ Sliding door_ S1200 with dividing rail, glued
    Frame_ Black mat powder-coated
    Panel material_ Urban Structures Tirano Oak Black

    2_ Interior system left (corner)_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Tirano Oak Black

    3_ Interior system right_ Fino
    Surface_ Urban Structures Tirano Oak Black

  • Gleittuersystem S800

    Sliding Door_ S800
    Frame_  Powder-coated White
    Panel material _ Float glass lacquered White
    Interior system_ Legno, Urban Structures Matrix Oak

  • Gleittuer S1500 asym

    Sliding Door_ S1500 asymmetric
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Panel dividing rail:Float Glass lacquered

  • Innensystem, Ecoline, weiß, Hosenauszug, Regal, Stauraum, Ecklösung, begehbarer Kleiderschrank, Ankleide, Interiorsystem Ecoline, white, Pull-out pants hanger, shelf, storage space, stowage space, corner solution, walk-in closet, wardorbe, dressing room, cabinet

    Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ Decor Platinum White
    Accessories_ Concave handle, single sided, angled shelves

  • Gleittuer S1500 asym

    Sliding Door_ S1500 asymmetric
    Frame_ Lacquered White
    Panel material_ Float glass clear and Float glass laquered
    Dividing rail_ Panel dividing

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