Corner Wardrobes made in germany

Interior design is limited by walls, unlike the options offered by raumplus systems, which are almost infinite. Our smart corner wardrobes and corner storage units can continue seamlessly around the walls, making use of every last inch of space.
Our goal is to allow you free rein to develop your ideas. A corner wardrobe is the perfect storage solution for your home.

Let’s work together to think outside the box when planning doors and interior systems. No matter if it’s a big corner wardrobe or a small corner solution.

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  • Interior system Legno, Sliding Door S1200

    1_ Sliding door_ S1200 with dividing rail, glued
    Frame_ Black mat powder-coated
    Panel material_ Urban Structures Tirano Oak Black

    2_ Interior system left (corner)_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Tirano Oak Black

  • Gleittuersystem S800

    Sliding Door_ S800
    Frame_  Powder-coated White
    Panel material _ Float glass lacquered White
    Interior system_ Legno, Urban Structures Matrix Oak

  • Gleittuer S1500 asym

    Sliding Door_ S1500 asymmetric
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Panel dividing rail:Float Glass lacquered

  • Innensystem, Ecoline, weiß, Hosenauszug, Regal, Stauraum, Ecklösung, begehbarer Kleiderschrank, Ankleide, Interiorsystem Ecoline, white, Pull-out pants hanger, shelf, storage space, stowage space, corner solution, walk-in closet, wardorbe, dressing room, cabinet

    Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ Decor Platinum White
    Accessories_ Concave handle, single sided, angled shelves

  • Gleittuer S1500 asym

    Sliding Door_ S1500 asymmetric
    Frame_ Lacquered White
    Panel material_ Float glass clear and Float glass laquered
    Dividing rail_ Panel dividing

You probably know the problem that you need more storage space. This problem could be solved with a corner cupboard. Be it in a small chamber to create a place for food storage or in the wardrobe to store more clothes. Taking advantage of the corner can be so simple and can give you an incredible amount of added value. 

A corner wardrobe can be a real game changer, especially in smaller rooms and awkwardly shaped areas. Whether in the bedroom as a wardrobe, in the office as storage for files or in the living area for books, music equipment or kitchen utensils, the uses are manifold.

All the advantages of a raumplus corner wardrobe compared to a standard wardrobe:

  • Niches and small corners can be fully utilised
  • Storage space solution in a small area
  • Don't look so big from the outside, but have surprisingly much space inside
  • Accessories available
  • A made-to-measure corner wardrobe is generous and spacious thanks to its extra depth
  • Is also ideal as a walk-in wardrobe
  • Smart storage solution

What Size is a corner Wardrobe?

The size of the wardrobe depends entirely on your specifications and the available space. It is possible to plan the cabinet as high as the ceiling or to use only part of the height. This depends entirely on the intended use. The corner wardrobe can also be used in areas with a sloping roof and is then planned according to the angle.

Corner Solution in your walk-in wardrobe

In a big corner wardrobe, you can hang a lot of clothes. With the clothes rail across the corner, you can create extra storage space for hanging clothes. Additional storage space can be created under and above the corner clothes rail. In addition, the wardrobe looks more flowing and harmonious when the corner is used.

How to use the corner in your Living area?

Look for furniture that gives you extra storage space in your living area. Then the implementation of a corner cupboard is called for here. A corner cupboard can create a unified look even if your living area is divided into several sections. Not only does it free up a lot of space, but it also creates a look that is tidy.

How to use a corner wardrobe in the kitchen?

A corner shelf can provide organised space for food. No matter if you have a small space or a big utility room. A place for all canned food, groceries and drinks is no problem with a custom-built corner wardrobe. 

The interior system in the utility room can be planned in such a way that not only a lot of storage space is created, but also functional storage space. Would you also like to store your iron in the utility room? No problem, we can plan this exactly.

How do I measure the area for my corner wardrobe?

We could give you a mathematical formula now, but we won't. We offer you an all-round service to make your corner wardrobe a reality. We offer a free measuring service to make sure that the custom corner wardrobe fits perfectly.

This could be helpful for the first design appointment

1. Take a photo of the space where you want the plan a wardrobe.

2. Take rough measurements of the room. Important factors are doors, windows, window frames and ceiling height. Before production begins, our experts will take precise measurements on site.

When choosing doors for your corner wardrobe, you can decide whether you want to use sliding or bi-folding doors. We are your corner wardrobe specialist in uk. We are there for you from planning, measuring and designing your corner wardrobe.

In our Blog article Individual made to measure storage space you can find out how you can create awesome storage solutions.

Why choosing a corner wardrobe from raumplus?

We as your local Expert in Bristol, Winchester and surrounding area have extensive knowledge and experience on how to best plan the corner wardrobe for you. Our products are produced in bremen, germany by our partner raumplus. raumplus products meet the highest quality standards, are produced in an environmentally friendly way and give you a 10-year guarantee on every customised product. In the raumplus house you can also see some products in use.

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