Sliding Wardrobes

Whether high-ceiling doors from wall to wall or as an accent in the room. When it comes to sliding wardrobes for customers, our bespoke fitted sliding wardrobe doors are unmatchable. At Stylish German Bedrooms, we offer a range of variations on the system, profile surfaces, as well as a wide selection of wardrobe panels (with or without dividing rails), we will meet all your needs when it comes to designing rooms the way you want.

Reasons why sliding doors are a smart room solution

  • Space saving
  • Barrier free
  • Flexible room design, the room can be open as well as closed
  • Can be used in almost any room
  • Sliding doors can disappear into walls and open up rooms
  • Sliding doors open and close effortlessly and very quietly

Why do we have the best gliding doors made in germany?

The first sliding door was designed by Jürgen Guddas in 1986 and since then the sliding door has been further developed and perfected. This is also the reason why we say "sliding doors" instead of "sliding doors" and explain briefly why. The difference between "sliding doors" and "sliding doors" lies solely in the association of your naming. When we hear and read the word "sliding", it sounds like effort and strain. Our doors, made in Germany, on the other hand, glide as light as a feather without any great effort.

We are not the only ones who think raumplus fitted wardrobes are super. raumplus works with renowned designers and recognised research institutes to develop and test new products, technical innovations and novel manufacturing methods. In this context, we can point with particular pride to the awarding of significant prizes and awards by national and international specialist bodies.

Sliding Door Panels

Whether wood, metal, or glass; mirrors, blackboards, or magnetic panels – our sliding door panels are designed to match your interiors and your wishes. No matter how personal they are – from fabric and wallpaper, through to leather or your favorite photo as a digitally printed one-off piece – we can make almost anything into a reality.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Colours

We have a huge range of sliding wardrobe door colours to choose from, making it possible to match them perfectly to the panels and setting. In addition to our timelessly beautiful anodised Silver, we also offer elegant Light or Dark Bronze; minimalist powder coatings from White through Matt Black and the entire range of RAL colours.

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  • Profil S720, Hellbronze, Profile Light Bronze anodized

    Light bronze anodized

  • Schwarz matt pulverbeschichtet, Black mat powder-coated

    Black mat powder-coated

  • Silber eloxiert, Silver anodized

    Silver anodized

  • Dunkel Bronze eloxiert, Dark Bronze anodized

    Dark Bronze anodized

  • Profil S1200 Weiß pulverbeschichtet, Profile S1200 White powder-coated

    White powder-coated

  • Profil nach RAL pulverbeschichtet, Profile acc. to RAL powder-coated

    acc. to RAL powder-coated

  • Anegré furniert (lackiert oder gebeizt und lackiert), Anigre veneer (lacquered or stained and lacquered)

    Anigre veneer (lacquered or stained and lacquered)

Aluminium Sliding Door Profiles

Depending on your individual taste and desired door panel, you can choose different widths of raumplus aluminium sliding door profiles.

Space-Saving Sliding Doors

Having space-saving sliding doors are one of the greatest advantages. Many houses and apartments have alcoves and corners with non-standard dimensions, meaning that off-the-shelf furniture doesn’t fit and the space remains unused

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  • Raumteiler,Regal,Gleittür,Möbelsystem, room divider, shelf, sliding door, furniture system

    Our sliding doors can also disappear into walls if required for a seamless transition from one room to another – without cumbersome door panels.

  • Wohnzimmer,Möbelsystem,Gleittür,Raumteiler, Living room, Furniture system, sliding door, room divider

    In contrast to conventional doors, sliding doors require no large opening area, freeing up space and making rooms appear bigger.

  • Begehbarer Schrank,Innensystem,Drehtür, walk-in closet, interior system, hinge door

    Do you want to partition off rooms or instead let them flow into one another without any disruptive doors? raumplus room dividers allow you to change your mind as and when you feel like it.

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