Room Dividers & Partition Wall Systems

Sliding doors from raumplus can also function as practical room dividers to separate different functional areas from one another.

Therefore, you can open or close the bathroom, living room or kitchen as required, or even use them as home office screens without permanently separating the rooms from each other.

Open space concepts have become very popular in recent years. An open kitchen with a direct view into the living room. But this is not always the optimal solution. Especially if you receive many guests for dinner and would like to hide the kitchen chaos. Room dividers come into play for precisely such moments. 

The floor or ceiling-guided sliding doors can be installed as room dividers without any structural measures. This way, you can decide when you want to have an open kitchen and when you would rather let the kitchen area disappear.

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  • Solitair Caletto, Sliding door S1200

    Sliding door_ S1200 with fixed element
    Frame_ Black matt powder coated
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass Gray clear / Parsol Gray

  • Interior system Cornice, Sliding door S1500

    Sliding Door_ S1500 and fixed element S1600
    Frame_  Powder-coated White
    Panel material_ Door: safety glass (ESG) Parsol Gray tempered glass, fixed element: float glass Satin-finished White

  • Gleittürsystem, Gleittür, Schiebetür, S800, S1500 AIR syncro, Graublau lackiert, Spiegel silber, Glas, ESG, Badezimmer, Schlafzimmer, Raumteiler, Bad, Sliding door system, S800, S1500, AIR syncro, grey blue lacquered, mirror silver, glass, esg, bathroom, bath, bedroom, room divider

    Sliding door _ S1500 Air Syncro
    Frame_ lacquered Grey-Blue
    Panel material_ safety glass (ESG) parsol grey

  • Gleittuer S3000 AIR

    Sliding Door_ S3000 AIR
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Laminated safety glass with matt white film

  • Gleittuer S3000 sym

    Sliding Door_ S3000
    Wall partitioning_ S1500
    Frame_ Anodized silver
    Panel material_ Clear laminated safety glass
    Extra_ Handrail

Partition Wall Systems

The raumplus sliding doors can of course also be combined with fixed elements.

Our partition wall systems work well as flexible and variable room dividing systems, consisting of partition wall elements and sliding doors or revolving doors. It can be used room-high as a partition or sliding wall or as a room-in-room system independent of the ceiling.

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  • Wall partitioning system_ Verrière
    Profile surface_ Black mat powder-coated
    Füllung_ Tempered glass clear

    Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface and panel material_ Decor White
    Accessoires_Hinge doors with concave handle horizontally black mat, adjustable shelves, clothes rod silver anodized oval, hinge doors

  • Trennwandsystem

    1_Wall partitioning system_ S1500
    Panel material_ Glass

    2_Wooden Door
    Panel material_ MDF painted and cutting plot from colored film

  • Trennwand S1500

    1_Wall partitioning system_ S1500
    Panel material_ Glass

    2_Wooden Door
    Surface_ Recut Oak

  • Holztuer Ferrara Eiche

    1_ Wooden Door
    Panel material_
    Light Ferrara Oak

    2_ Wall partioning system_ S1500
    Panel material_ laminated safty glass 9 mm clear with sound absorbent film (on inside)
    Door frame 90 with full tempered glass door leaf_ with transom light

  • Gleittuer S3000

    Sliding door system_ S3000
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Tempered glass painted on backside

  • Lake Forest Park Residence

    Sliding door and wall partitioning system_ combination of sliding door system S3000 symmetric and wall partitioning system S3000 asymmetric
    Frame_ Silver anodized
    Panel material_ laminated safety glass, clear, with cutting plott of satin foil on the back side

  • Partition Wall System

    Partition Wall System_ S1500
    Frame_ Anodized silver
    Panel_ Floatglas painted to RAL

The room dividers open and close silently. No dragging, no sounds.

If you don't want it to be completely open, we have a solution for that too. Room dividers are often a combination of a fixed element on the left and right and two sliding doors in the middle. These are often used in the private as well as in the contract sector. There, room dividers are used for office design to create meeting rooms, individual offices and discretion areas.

Important tips for an open concept living room

  • An open room concept creates a spacious living ambience. It is important to create a harmonious overall impression. To achieve this, it is important that the floor covering is uniform and the furniture is coordinated. We offer you a variety of different surfaces and fillings and help you to plan a pleasant and coherent interior design.
  • The open-plan concept means that the kitchen is always in view. However, this is not always desired. Especially when guests are chatting in the living area or something is being cooked in the kitchen that causes a strong smell. That is why it is practical to plan the open-plan living concept in such a way that we can separate the kitchen area from the living area.
  • To prevent chaos from breaking out in the first place, plenty of storage space in the kitchen is an advantage. A small niche can be ideal for a built-in wardrobe.

Sliding glass doors are not only super practical but also totally trendy. If you call the loft style, industrial look or New York interior style your own, then the glass door or the fixed element with black matt frame is just right for you.

We offer you many options for designing your room divider in loft style. From the movable sliding door to the fixed element. Alternatively, you can also choose a fixed element with a hinged door as a room divider.

An overview of all the advantages of a sliding door as a room divider

  • A sliding door as a room divider offers you flexibility and allows you to change the layout of a room in seconds.
  • Sliding doors as room dividers can disappear into the wall and are therefore very space-saving.
  • A sliding glass door as a room divider allows light to flow through all rooms even when the doors are closed.
  • A sliding door as a room divider is easy to clean. The surface of the room divider can simply be wiped clean.
  • When moving with the ceiling-guided AIR sliding door, the floor is not interrupted and the area is barrier-free.

We distinguish between the following types of construction in our sliding doors:

  • the floor-guided sliding door and
  • the ceiling-guided AIR sliding door

Both versions have their advantages. Which version you want in your living space depends on the conditions on site and your personal requirements. At this point we would also like to mention the topic of accessibility. 

The desire for living comfort that meets the changing demands of life is becoming ever more present in home and room planning. With our AIR sliding door, tripping hazards are a thing of the past.

How to separate kitchen and living room?

To separate the kitchen from the living area, sliding doors can be used as room dividers. Alternatively, it can also be a combination of fixed elements and sliding doors. You decide whether these elements should be opaque or whether they should be glass elements.

How to divide a shared kids room, how to divide a "bedroom" into two rooms?

With sliding doors, for example, you can separate the area of the sloping roof from the rest of the room. The area can be transformed into a walk-in wardrobe with space for toys. We also offer you the matching interior systems.

What is the best way to deivide a room?

The best way to divide a room depends entirely on the circumstances and the use. If it is a partition that will be open most of the time, a ceiling-guided sliding door is recommended. We will be happy to advise you individually to find the best solution for you.

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