Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes

The sloping roof can sometimes give you quite a headache, and not only when you bump into it. In many households, the sloping roof remains unused or is only used semi-well. But that doesn't have to be the case.
The sloping roof offers you a lot of storage space potential if the furniture is planned correctly. 

We would like to give you some examples of how the sloping roof can be used in the kitchen, bedroom or living area. There are various solutions from walk-in wardrobes, work shelves or a built-in wardrobe. Let's dive into the storage solutions for the sloping roof together.


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  • Gleittuer S1500, Schiebetuer, Gleitschiebetuer, Rahmen Weiss pulverbeschichtet, Fuellung Spanplatte, stoffbespannt, Innensystem Legno, Oberflaeche Holz-Dekor Nussbaum Aida Tabak, Dachschraege, Stoff, gruen, Esszimmer, Sliding Door S1500, White lacquered, Chipbaord covered with fabric, Interior system Legno, wood decor walnut aida tabacco, sloped ceiling, green, dining room
  • Sliding door S720, pitch roof sloped ceilings solution

    1_Sliding doors_ S720
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_Float glass Matelac Walnut Brown and mirror Bronze

    2_ Interior system_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Oak

  • Innensystem Ecoline

    Sliding door_ Wooden door
    Door panel_ High-pressure laminate outside: Petrol, Center left: Laguna, Center right: Aqua
    Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ White decor

  • Holztuer Weiß

    1_ Wooden Door
    Surface_ Decor White

    2_ Wooden Door
    Frame_ Decor White
    Panel material_ lacquered glass turquoise blue

  • Gleittuer S1500

    Sliding Door_ S1500
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Chipboard covered with wallpaper

  • Sliding Door S800

    Sliding Door_ S800
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Float Glass lacquered Standard Colours, Pure White 9010
    Interior System_ Legno
    Surface_Wood decor 

  • Gleittuer S3000 sym

    Sliding Door_ S3000 symmetric
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Lacobel®, lacquered

Attic spaces offer a unique living environment but at the same time also present difficult interior design challenges. raumplus provides sloped ceiling wardrobes that can be customised to fit whatever space is available. No matter whether ceilings slope steeply or gently, our angled wardrobes and sliding doors offer full functionality, creating an attractive interplay of parallel lines. This theme can also be echoed in the design elements for the surfaces – discover your preferences.

Ideas for making the most of a sloping roof

  • Create a workspace
  • More storage space for clothes
  • Exploit the sloping roof in the walk-in wardrobe
  • Create storage space under the stairs

Sloping roof in the children's room

Children spend a lot of time in their room and often have many belongings such as toys, school materials and clothes. To make it easier for children to keep their room tidy, we should offer them enough storage space and design the storage space functionally.

For example, the sloping ceiling in the children's room can be converted into a walk-in wardrobe. One side can be used for clothes and the other for toys. With sliding doors, this area can also disappear. And on top of that, we can customise the sliding doors. You can choose from many different prints and surfaces. 

With a clothes rail lift, you can also ensure that your children can easily reach the clothes rail. This keeps the children's room organised and, in most cases, there is less stress at home. The functionality of the interior systems also encourages children to be more independent with their belongings, as everything is within reach.

Convert a sloping roof into a workplace 

You don't have an extra room that you can use for a home office? No problem, you can also set up your very own workstation in a sloping roof. With our sliding doors and interior systems, the space under the roof can be optimally set up as a workspace. We also provide the right lighting, and after the work is done, you can let the workspace disappear behind the sliding doors. 

Especially if you have switched to a home office in the last few months and don't have an extra office, it can be a great advantage to have your new workspace in view after work. With the sliding doors, you can ensure that this does not happen.

Small bathroom on the attic

If you are owner of a small bathroom with a sloped ceiling than you can use the ceiling to create some storage space for hygiene articles, storage space for towels and toilet paper.

The sliding door for your sloping roof wardrobe

In small and difficult-to-cut rooms, a wardrobe under the sloping roof can be planned with sliding doors. This has the advantage that the sliding doors save space when opening and we do not lose any extra space due to the swing radius. The sliding doors can also be adapted exactly to the room situation and, if necessary, can also be made with an angle.

How can I design the customised wardrobe in the sloping roof?

  • Choice of your desired surface and material
  • Sliding doors can be decorated in different materials, for example you have the choice between: Glass, board and board marker, felt and wallpaper. It is also possible to print pictures.
  • Mirror
  • Selection of the right lighting

How is living space with sloping ceilings calculated?

Before we start production, we come to you and take exact measurements of the room and the sloping roof. This is a free service from us.

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