Walk-In Wardrobes

The size of a walk-in wardrobe is not the main factor. What matters is that you have a walk-in wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and your living space. Whether the walk-in wardrobe is large or small, it must be functional and provide the optimal storage space for your clothes.

A Walk-In Wardrobes means: Inspiration and an overview; the joy of combining items and easy access – walk-in wardrobes provide the convenience that makes getting dressed a great experience. Raumplus walk-in wardrobe sliding doors conceal exclusive interior systems that ensure everything is to hand – with pull-out rails and shelves, lights and lifts, drawers and mirrors; plus many other fixtures and fittings.


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  • Interior system Uno, Sliding door S1500
  • Solitaire Caletto with interior system Apperia

    1_ Sliding door_ S1200 Air
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass clear

    2_ Interior system _ Apperia
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Surface drawer unit and shelves_ Urban Structures Fabric Sand
    Surface rear panel_ Egger Eurodekor© Fjord Green

  • Solitaire Caletto with interior system Apperia

    1_ Sliding door_ S1200 Air
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass Bronze clear / Parsol Bronze

    2_ Interior system _ Apperia
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Surface drawer unit and shelves_ Urban Structures Matrix Dark Pine
    Surface rear panel_ Lacquered acc. Sikkens Spiced Honey

  • Legno System S1200 Air

    1_Sliding door_ S1200 AIR
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Tempered glass Parsol Bronze

    2_ Interior system left_ Uno
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Dark Pine
    Accessories_ Illuminated clothes rail and shelves, drawers, trouser pull-out

    3_ Interior system right_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Dark Pine
    Doors_ RPS Aluminium Frame Hinge Doors 22,5
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Float glass Stopsol Classic Bronze
    Accessories_ Illuminated closet side and clothes rai

  • Gleittür, Schiebetür, Gelittürsystem S3000, Rahmen Silber eloxiert, Floatglas Matelac Pure White, Stoff Kvadrat Plot 533, Furnier ?Wave?, Alpi-Eiche Hell Quer, Innensystem Legno, Urban Structures, Fabric Sand, Sliding door, S3000, frame silver anodized, floatglass matelac pure white, fabric kvadrat plot 533, veneer, wave, alpi-oak light square, interior system legno, urban sturctures, fabric sand

    Sliding Door_ S3000
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Top: Float glass Matelac Pure White, Center: Kvadrat Plot fabric 533, Bottom: Veneer „Wave“ Alpi Light Recut Oak

    Interior system_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Fabric Sand

  • Uno Innensystem

    1_ Interior system_ Uno
    Frame_ Dark Bronze
    Surface_ Matrix Dark Pine
    Accessories_ illuminated shelves, purse hook, corpus with flap, illuminated clothes rail, trouser pull-out with front facing

    2_ Aluminum frame hinge door RPS 22,5 with Cuboid horizontally hollow 
    Frame_ Dark Bronze
    Surface_ Parsol Bronze
    On the left as small hinge door version
    In the middle and on the right as room high hinge door solution with illuminated closet side

    3_ Sideboard_ Legno
    Surface_ Matrix Dark Pine

  • Gleittür S1200, LED, Schiebetür, Gleittürsystem, Silber, Floatglas Extraweiß, Innensystem Legno, Dekor Kaschmir, Trennwand, Ganzglastrennwand, VSG Cool White, Glas, Tag, Sliding door S1200, LED, silver, floatglass extra white, interior system Legno, decor kashmir, partition wall, all glass partition wall, VSG cool white, glass, day

    1_ Sliding door_ S1200 LED
    Frame_ Silver
    Panel material_ Float glass Extra White
    Interior system_ Legno
    Surface_ Decor Cashmere

    2_ Partition wall_ All glass partitioning wall
    Panel material_ laminated safety glass Cool White

  • Innensystem Uno Dunkel Bronze

    1_ Sliding Door_ S1200 AIR
    Frame_ Black matt
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass clear “White Glass”

    2_ Interior system_ Uno
    Profile color_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Surface_ Urban Structures Maloja Walnut
    Accessories_ Illuminated clothing rail, storage cube, drawers, pull-out pants hanger, hook rail, scarf holder, tie rack, Box Pur

  • Gleittuer S1500

    Sliding door_ S1500
    Frame_ Laminated safety glass with white matt film
    Bottom guide_ Inserted bottom track

  • Uno Innensystem S3000 AIR

    1_Interior System_ Uno
    Surface_ White Decor Platinum White

    2_Sliding door_ S3000 Air
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Laminated safety glass with matt white film

  • Gleittuer C42

    Sliding Door_ C42
    Frame_ Special edition HPL-Decor Stoneoak with aluminium,
    anodized silver
    Panel material_ Oak veneer stained »Old Walnut«

  • Innensystem Uno, S1200 AIR

    1_ Sliding door system_ S1200 Air
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Mirror Silver

    2_ Interior system_ Uno
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Surface_ Decor White

    3_ Furniture system_ Ligran
    Surface_ MDF lacquered
    Accessories_ Dresser with 4 drawers and furniture feets

How to plan and how to built walk-in wardrobes?

Book a free consultation and design appointment. During this appointment we will discuss the size, layout and design of your Walk-In wardrobe. The planning will also be digitally prepared and afterwards you will receive a no obligation quote from us. If you would like to realise the walk-in wardrobe in your dimensions, we will start with the production. The installation will be done by our professional installation team.

The dream of having a walk-in wardrobe is something that almost everyone has thought about. But why is the idea of a walk-in wardrobe so great and how do you make sure that the idea of your dream wardrobe is also fulfilled? A walk-in wardrobe means you have created a space that is all about your clothes. If chaos breaks out in your wardrobe in a hurry, it can simply be closed and is out of sight for the time being. But we want to plan your wardrobe in such a way that everything is clearly arranged and chaos doesn't break out in the first place.

In addition to shelves and clothes rails, our systems offer you many other helpful wardrobe accessories. Organisers turn every wardrobe into a storage miracle. They provide additional space for clothes, provide additional storage space of small accessories and provide enough space for shoes & Co. With the trouser pull-out, you can hang up all your trousers sorted and crease-free. The viewable shoe rack ensures that you can choose the right shoes to match your outfit.

Here is an overview of our wardrobe accessories:

  • Coat rack
  • Hook rail
  • Handbag hook
  • Trouser pull-out
  • Clothes lift
  • Tie pull-out
  • Shoe holder
  • and much more

Learn how to best organise your clothes in your walk-in wardrobe here.

Ideas and Questions you should asked yourself when planning your walk-in wardrobe

1. The choice of surfaces and colours

Choosing wardrobe surfaces and colours can be quite a challenge.  By investing in a custom-made wardrobe, you are investing in quality that will give you joy for a long time. If you have a small room, neutral surfaces and light colours are recommended. While choosing the Surface and colours, it is important that you choose from a mix of practical colour choices and reflect your interior style.


2. Your requirements

Determine how much space you need. How much clothing do you have? What kind of clothes do you have? Do you only want to store your clothes in the wardrobe or do you need to store other items? It is also important to find out whether you prefer hanging or folding clothes. For example, if you prefer to hang jumpers, you will need more hanging options.


3. Feel-good oasis

Especially if the walk-in wardrobe is somewhat larger, you should ask yourself whether the wardrobe should only be a wardrobe or whether you also want to have space for decoration to create an oasis of well-being. Do you have space for additional shelves or a chest of drawers? A few decorative elements such as fresh flowers, photos or books can do wonders.


4. Lighting

Is the room already optimally equipped with lamps or should the lighting be taken into account when planning the wardrobe? For example, the clothes rails can be fitted with lighting.


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